Land & Sea CRM

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We're storytellers.

Land & Sea Cultural Resource Management is comprised of group of qualified professionals dedicated to filling in the gaps in the human record, preserving history, and answering questions that have yet to be asked.  We've worked in states from coast to coast, in the Caribbean, and overseas.  We love what we do and we're really good at it.

We meet US Secretary of the Interior's qualifications for Archaeology and Historic Preservation (36 CFR Part 61) in the following disciplines:

Architectural History

Historic Preservation


Preservation Planning

Historic Architecture

Every single day, we work to help tell the story of all people - Americans, first Americans, Native Americans, colonists, immigrants, unintended immigrants, explorers, and even your ancestors.  We do it because it's the right thing to do.  We do it because real history is not written in books, it is directly under your feet.

We're working to discover how the first humans arrived in the Americas; who inhabited great coastal cities that now reside at the bottom of our oceans.  Our research has uncovered long-forgotten forts that were integral to the settlement of the original English colonies to Virginia; we have collected and processed more than 11,000 artifacts from a single early 20th century commerce site; we've found 18th century pipe stems from Thomas Jefferson's favorite hot springs; and many more.

Unlike most CRM firms we also restore that history, and bring it back to life.  

We've restored Tiffany stained glass windows; entire railroad stations; academic buildings, and have even worked on a World Heritage Site.  We've consulted on new construction, too, and offer full design, construction administration, code compliance, OSHA, and life safety regulatory services.  And when we're done discovering, uncovering, exploring, reviving, and restoring history, we have the capabilities to tell the story once more.  In 2005 we completed a short subject documentary about one of our favorite projects, for our client.  We've even become involved in computer technology,  marketing, event planning, and social media at the request of our clients.

We go beyond shovel tests and boilerplate histories and live the history we uncover for our clients, and this is why we find such great reward in our work.

We don't just tell your story, as our clients.  We tell our collective story.  The human story.


Section 106 surveys / reviews / mitigation

CEQA HSSR reports (California)

Architectural History


Maritime Archaeology



Museum exhibition



Adaptive Use

Interior Design

Architectural Photography

Archaeological Photography


Construction Administration

Project Management

Project Consultation 

Code review / mitigation

Rail & Transportation

OSHA compliance and risk management evaluations


Aquatic ecosystem sustainability 

Pollution control and sustainability for emerging nations


Primary research, Architectural History

Primary research Archaeology

Primary research Cultural Anthropology

Primary research Oceanographic

Terrestrial and sub-aquatic exploration




Marine Sciences


We are trained and experienced on the following advanced equipment:


Side Sonar

Satellite telemetry

Low-beam infrared

Arial drones

Submarine drones